What We Do

Based on how you do business every day


V3 Information Management can help you get more done at work with an information management platform – not another application or point solution. We set it up for you based on how you do business every day.

This powerful platform lets every employee use a personalized dashboard to view and access any content stored at your organization – created in any application by anyone – from a central repository.

V3’s information management platform
does even more:


Automates your company’s unique business processes and workflows – within departments or across the enterprise


Links related content automatically


Secures critical information for corporate and regulatory compliance


Works with your existing IT system – no painful data migration or reorganization required

Start working smarter!

Reduce paper-based tasks

Save time and cut costs

Stop rekeying the same data into different applications

Control risk

Make better decisions

Eliminate information silos

5 reasons small- and medium-sized
businesses love our platform

Intuitive and Easy to Use

No custom programming required

Quick to Launch

Start in 30 days with a few modules or a departmental solution (like accounting, human resources, or customer service)


Available in the cloud or at your site (you decide)


Whether you have 200 or 5,000 employees

Uncomplicated Pricing

A monthly fee, based on the number of users, includes technical support

It all starts with you. Your people, your processes, your workflows.


V3 Information Management has more than 15 years of industry experience and is ready to serve you!

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