AP Workflow Roadblock

AP Workflow Roadblock

I’ve worked with many organizations that have said emphatically “Yes, we need to streamline our AP process.” They even go as far as to admit their process is antiquated and they are losing money daily. My 1st question back to them is “so why haven’t you done something sooner?” I then get a pause, and then another pause.  Then answers are typically  “we tried last year, and it just didn’t happen.” “We have been looking at this for a while.” “We’ve had a lot of turnover lately.”  I can pretty much guarantee you they are excuses. The truth is they are not lying to me, they are lying to themselves.

AP’s dirty little secret

Deep down, in that dark place the AP department doesn’t want you to know about, its simple. They have never properly mapped out their AP process, so quite frankly they have no clue where the inefficiencies lie. Is it in the people, the process or technology? Without clearly understanding this, how can they embark upon a technology, when they are not confident it will fix the problem? That is why they hesitate and projects such as streamlining their AP process rarely get off the ground.

They can’t see the forest through the trees

It becomes a quagmire of finger-pointing, and frustration. At the end invoices aren’t paid timely, errors occur, and frustration mounts. The CFO starts to play referee.  How can they properly sort out the situation when they have zero visibility into the problem.

The truth as I know it

From all my years of working with organizations to streamline their AP process it all starts with one thing and doing this exercise first would give you the clarity you need to succeed. Come-on lean in a little closer and listen up…. Diagram out your current workflow process! Regardless of how painful this can be or daunting of a task, this must be done. Tie it into their bonus, give them a 3 day deadline, throw them a pizza party when they accomplish it.  Somehow someway there must be a quick and tight deadline or else it never gets done. You must make this a priority.

You’re half way there

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, after receiving this information now ask them to diagram out what they think the new process should look like? What would make their jobs easier, encourage them to dream as if it were an ideal world. This will be your blueprint, or you can work with V3 Information Management. We offer our clients, at no charge, an easy to follow visual diagram of your current process. We then create a clear road-map of your “to be state.” We incorporate the uniqueness of your organization and infuse it with industry best practices. Together we can make a winning team. With the right plan and team in place, organizations can be up and fully automated in 4-6 weeks. Contact us at info@v3information.com or call 214-287-3199 and let’s create your Road-map for AP automation success!

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