AP Automation Success Plan

AP Automation Success Plan

It’s always a good idea to plan for success, Right? We here at V3 specialize in post-implementation success and in-order to do so we must have a clear strategy and plan that we follow when working with our clients. If our goals are not aligned, and the process isn’t clearly defined, then how do you measure both short and long-term success of a project?   We’ve taken over 15 years of experience and boiled it down to a 4 step proven process that ensures a successful AP Automation project. Whether utilizing our Cloud-Based AP Automation Solution or others you’ll want to be armed with right information to make an informed decision.



Step #1: Current State
Step #2: Current State Workflow diagram
Step #3: Solution Check list for AP automation
Step #4: To-Be-State Automated Workflow Diagram

I hope you find this document to be as useful as our clients have. We’d be more than be happy to share with you a sample of an actual AP automation workflow diagram and SOW for you to reference when considering AP solutions.  Simply send us an email to info@v3information.com with the SUBJECT AP Workflow & Diagram .

Download your AP Automation Success Plan today!

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